Friday, January 14, 2011

Things in my world are about to be shaken up.

In four months, I will be the first person in my nuclear family to graduate college. For the last 17 years I have been identified by my academic abilities, but that is about to change. I have always been the smart, responsible, and driven girl. My biggest goal in life since I was a 6 year old girl in pink sweatpants was to graduate from college. It has always been my belief that education is sexy, knowledge is attractive, and smart girls rule the world.

And I am 119 days away from emboding those beliefs. It's time for me to set my sights on a new path of action. I need to learn who I am as a 23 year old woman outside of the classroom and the textbooks. I want to know who I am other than the smart girl. I want to be defined by more than just my academic achievements and the moments that surround them. I want to be more.

I am going to force myself to learn more about being me than I ever have before. I'm going to do new things and go new places. I'm going to discover and reinvent. It's time.

I am going to cook a new recipe every week, and tell you about it.
I am going to learn more about God and shape my beliefs.
I am going to build up my self-esteem and learn to love myself.
I am going to volunteer with women and children and show them unconditional love.
I am going to love my future husband more passionately and wonderfully than ever before.
I am going to pay off debts and save up for our future.
I am going to learn how to be me, the me that's not a student, but an intellegent, cosmopolitain woman.

And this is where I am going to do it.

"One day I will walk the walk and know exactly what I am doing here, but until then, may there be enough wine for us all." - Ryan Adams

"To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong." - Hulk Hogan

Enjoy the journey.

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  1. I have always looked at you as you as the person to look up to. You are my rock, you are beautiful, talented and so amazing. I hope you accomplish this and so much more. You more than deserve EVERYTHING you set yourself to.
    With much love, Erika