Wednesday, April 18, 2012


After a morning spent ogling the TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list, I am thoroughly inspired. The 2012 list is full of entrepreneurs, inventors, political figures, actors, and activist. Though the list is long, I do have my favorites, all women actually. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely men on the list that hold a special place in my heart, but I just couldn’t ignore the uprising of important and influential women that made the cut.

If I had an office like Amy Poehler (who should definitely be on this list, especially since Chelsea Handler ended up on it….) on Parks and Rec, I would have the wall behind my desk filled with photos of the following wonderful women – because a powerful woman is hard to ignore.

Christine Lagarde – Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a pioneer for women in positions of power overseas: 1st woman to head up the IMF, 1st woman to become minister of Economic Affairs in a G8 economy, and the 1st woman to have a legitimate chance to be elected President of France in the coming years. I remember when she was named Managing Director of the IMF, I immediately started looking for job openings under her. I still hate finances, but the opportunity to be a part of history was just so enticing.

Cecile Richards – President of Planned Parenthood and an outspoken activist for women’s health care and reproductive rights. Cecile has to be my number one female icon. In the face of extreme adversity within the current political climate, she has exhibited nothing but pure fortitude. My dream is to work with her one day. I want to learn how to be honest in my beliefs and passions, no matter the political outcome.

Portia Simpson Miller – 1st woman prime minister of Jamaica and is actively working toward full civil rights for homosexuals in a country known for a “violent history of homophobia”. Gotta love another woman who is a first. It’s so exciting to see how much has changed in terms of women in political positions – and even more exciting when you see those women making bold statements about their desires to change tradition.

Hillary Clinton – Down to earth diplomat who is constantly strengthening relationships with other countries while encouraging others to join in the fight for “global order.” Hillary is kind of a big deal. Even when good ole Bill was President, we all knew that Hillary was in the background guiding and influencing his presidency. Behind every successful man is a powerful woman – that adage has never rang more true. Also, did you see the “Texts from Hillary” internet meme? How could you not love her?

I am so ready to get my life started, and thanks to many of the women on the list who have inspired me to reach for greater things. I truly enjoy my current job as a Public Relations Coordinator for a financial institution, but after every work day ends, I can’t help but feel unfulfilled. My passion is for women’s rights, whether they be reproductive rights, employment rights, or general healthcare rights. I dream of working for an organization that does genuine good for the world that surrounds it while making a difference in the communal landscape.

I want to do something big. I want to make a difference. I want to find an organization to harness my passion and put it to good use. I want to do something that means something.

I just someone to help me find a pathway.