Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Mornings

It its impossible for me to sleep in, and I hate it. Today is one of the first Saturday's that I have had off in a while where I haven't had ANYTHING to do with it. So my initial plan was to:

1) Enjoy some beer on a Friday night, knowing that I didn't have to wake up early on Saturday.

2) Watch movies with my manfriend and stay up SUPER late.

3) Wear awesome PJs and break out my down comforter, nuzzle into our bed and be happy.

4) Sleep until like noon.

5) Have a can of soda with my toast for breakfast.

6) Go on about my day.

But no. That just can't happen for me. It was snowing so much last night that I remained at home, beerless, and drank juice with some homemade chili-cheese fries. So at least the fries portion was relatively okay. As for movies with Joseph, I snuggled up on the couch in my awesome PJs as we started our traditional one episode of British TVs "Top Gear" and ogled over the fast and overpriced cars - I fell asleep. It was 10:30pm, mind you. I am such a grown up that I can't make it past 10:30pm anymore.

Once I woke up enough to make it up the stairs to bed, I forgot to liberate my down comforter from the confines of my closet, and just got into bed and fell back asleep. But here's the kicker: I woke up at a ridiculous 7:30am. It's like I'm trained to wake up then so I can be at the bank by 8:25am. So I laid there, looking through pictures in my phone, catching up with some much needed personal reading, until 8:45am when Joseph woke up.

I mean, I guess I didn't kill everything on my list, I can still enjoy a can of diet cream soda while I eat my toast with sunflower butter and jelly, and go about my day. I even tried to watch Saturday morning cartoons since I was up so early. But it all seems kind of pointless now.

Oh the joys of growing old!

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  1. my body does the same thing to me. it's awful. my question is: at what age do i have to stop watching spongebob squarepants? i dread the day...