Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I don't know whether to blame it on all of the Food Network I watch or on my participation in the Weight Watchers program, but I think I am becoming a foodie. Perhaps even a food snob. I am quickly becoming turned off by purchasing processed food and have this strange and intense desire to create most of what I eat. I don't even have much of a desire to go out to eat anymore. I am anxious and excited everyday to create something new for myself and my manfriend.

I can't go to B&N without wanting to buy every cookbook I see. I can't get online without wanting to scout out the latest and greatest food blogs I can find.








Cooking with beer.

Cooking with cheese.

So I guess my questions are: Is this what happens when you grow up? Do we suddenly become supremely conscious beings who are aware of everything we put in our mouths? Are we wired to switch into grown-up mode and begin to make good nutritional choices? What do I do on a limited budget with an appetite for the finer things in life?

I'll start one recipe at a time.

First one up: Traditional New Mexico Red Chile Cheese Stacked Enchiladas - courtesy of my Uncle Peter and Bobby Flay.

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  1. mmmmmm those look SO good. like, my mouth is watering right now.